Monitor v1 launched today

Cambridge, Massachusetts — Cambridge Blockchain is excited to announce the release of its new product: Monitor, a software that allows employers to proactively protect the health and safety of its employees. Given the changing workplace conditions brought on by COVID-19, it's important for employers to keep track of their employees and assure a safe and secure environment. This product enables company security by leveraging data shared from daily check-ins and symptom screening.

Monitor is the workforce safety product within the Tracelinks product portfolio, which offers employee check-in/out, symptom screening and temperature reporting. The product allows for smaller scale workforce health tracking, at the company level, and helps employers resume operations in the “new normal.”

Cambridge Blockchain is dedicated to returning control of personal data back to users while delivering the benefits of trusted, distributed identity to consumers and organizations. By launching Monitor, a workforce safety management software that will help assure safe work environments while still respecting employee privacy, Cambridge Blockchain strives to help companies resume operations in the “new normal.”

Cambridge Blockchain offers a free 14 day trial, during which companies can onboard an unlimited number of their employees into Monitor’s system and track check ins/outs, symptom screening, and temperature. Once registered, employees can sign into Monitor and check-in to the office virtually, submit their temperature and gauge their health status by answering CDC recommended questions.

Whether it be a second-wave of COVID-19, or just a highly infectious flu season, health conditions are hard to predict but ought not to get in the way of businesses, both big and small. Monitor provides a great opportunity for companies to augment their workplace safety plan through comprehensive management strategy and alleviate the fear of workplace contamination so that both employers and employees can feel safe getting back to work.

Monitor is available for integration starting today, June 15th, 2020.

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