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By gathering insights from data shared voluntarily by students and faculty, school administrators can develop a dynamic campus reopening plan that will enable students to return to class while also minimizing their infection risk.

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student management

View all the students and faculty that are part of your Tracelinks community and invite individuals that have not yet joined.


This dashboard will allow you to analyze the overall participation level within your university and adjust accordingly.

check in/out logs

View which students and faculty have checked in or out of the classroom and whether or not they were wearing a mask during check in.


Using this data, you can stagger class schedules if maximum occupany levels are exceeded, determine potential exposures if one or more students report themselves as infected and measure campus safety compliance related to face mask usage.

health Screening

Monitor the health status of each of your students and faculty by examining their responses to our CDC recommended health screening questionnaire.


By looking at the responses, you can quickly identify sudden changes in student and faculty health and minimize health risk through actions such as hosting online lectures for classes that have a high number of symptomatic individuals.

temperature reading

Take a look at daily temperature readings from students and faculty. 


Analyzing trends in student and faculty body temperature will enable you to pinpoint which students or faculty present a potential health risk and which ones are ready to return to the classroom.

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Build a Safe Campus

Get your students back on track with their academic careers by actively monitoring your student and faculty health in order to make real-time, data-driven decisions that minimize infection risk.


Be Safe While Learning

Studying for a final exam can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting infected with COVID-19. Worry less and focus more by participating in your university's Tracelinks community.

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